ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders


Integrated Automation produces ISO 21287 compact cylinders to order in our Easley, South Carolina Facility.
We can provide same day shipping, two day, or three day expedited shipping to your location. Unlike our competitors, we
regularly supply various stroke lengths of 1-2000 millimeters, special rod extensions, rod brakes, and trunion
mounts from stock at our facility. No stroke is special and no mount is special for us. We also
supply competitor interchanges for most major brands of metric or European cylinders on a daily basis. 
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Common Bores and Strokes produced. Please note, we produce to order, so all strokes are considered standard for us. 
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ISO 21287 Compact Single Rod, male rod end
ISO 21287 Compact Single Rod, Female rod end
ISO 21287 Accessories Chart (Coming Soon)