NFPA Cylinders

Integrated Automation, Inc. is pleased to offer our Dynamax® Brand NFPA Cylinders.
All of our cylinders are made to order in our Easley, SC location for fast delivery.
Please review the following pdf catalog link for specification of your required model: 
 Dynamax® N Series Catalog Download 
 NEW 2D and 3D CAD Generator Link
Select the Mount needed from the appropriate cylinder selection chart 
NFPA Mounting Accessories
Model Selection Charts
MX0 Basic Mount
MF1 Front Flange Mount
MP1 Fixed Rear Clevis Mount
MF2 Rear Flange Mount
MP2 Detachable Clevis Mount MP3 Fixed Rear Eye Mount 
MP4 Detachable Eye Mount 
MS4 Bottom Tap Mount 
Additional NFPA Mounts in Production. Please request a quote on the following Mounts
MS1 Angle Mount
MS2 Side Lug mount
MT1 Head Trunnion Mount
MT2 Cap Trunnion Mount
MT4 Mid Trunnion Mount 
MX1 Extended Tie Rods Both Ends
MX2 Extended Tie Rods Cap End
MX3 Extended Tie Rods Head End