Inch Brass Compression fittings


Integrated Automation, Inc. is pleased to offer our Double ferrule Brass compression fittings in inch dimensional increments. 
Standard is fractional tube size by NPT threaded male connections. Our fittings are interchangeable and inter-mixable with many major manufacturers.
Please review the following catalogs for more details on these products:

 Inch Brass Fittings Catalog Download     Download Bilok interchange Chart

Please reference the below Selection Guide to select your fitting model number.
Additional specifications and models can be found in the specific fitting categories.
The suffix will change to "-B" on all Brass Fittings.
Inch Brass Selection Chart Inch Tube X NPT threads


Tube X Male Thread


tube X Male Thread


90° Tube Union


Tube Union Tee


Run Tee


Bulkhead Union

1/8" Tube X 1/8" NPT 
DCT-2-2-B DLN-2-2-B DLA-2-B DTA-2-B DTN-2-2-B DSU-2-B
1/8" Tube X 1/4" NPT  DCT-2-4-B  DLN-2-4-B         
1/8" Tube X 3/8" NPT             
1/8" Tube X 1/2" NPT            
1/4" Tube X 1/8" NPT
DCT-4-2-B DLN-4-2-B     DTN-4-2-B  
1/4" Tube X 1/4" NPT  DCT-4-4-B  DLN-4-4-B  DLA-4-B   DTA-4-B  DTN-4-4-B  DSU-4-B 
1/4" Tube X 3/8" NPT DCT-4-61-1-B DLN-4-6-B        
1/4" Tube X 1/2" NPT DCT-4-8-B DLN-4-8-B        
1/4" Tube X 3/4" NPT DCT-4-12-B          
3/8" Tube X 1/8" NPT DCT-6-2-B  DLN-6-2-B         
3/8" Tube X 1/4" NPT  DCT-6-4-B  DLN-6-4-B      DTN-6-4-B   
3/8" Tube X 3/8" NPT  DCT-6-6-B DLN-6-6-B DLA-6-B   DTA-6-B DTN-6-6-B  DSU-6-B 
3/8" Tube X 1/2" NPT  DCT-6-8-B DLN-6-8-B        
3/8" Tube X 3/4" NPT  DCT-6-12-B DLN-6-12-B        
1/2" Tube X 1/4" NPT  DCT-8-4-B  DLN-8-4-B      DTN-8-6-B  
 1/2" Tube X 3/8" NPT DCT-8-6-B  DLN-8-6-B      DTN-8-8-B   
 1/2" Tube X 1/2" NPT DCT-8-8-B DLN-8-8-B DLA-8-B  DTA-8-B    DSU-8-B 
 1/2" Tube X 3/4" NPT DCT-8-12-B DLN-8-12-B        
1/2" Tube X 1" NPT  DCT-8-16-B          
3/4" Tube X 1/2" NPT DCT-12-8-B  DLN-12-8-B         
3/4" Tube X 3/4" NPT  DCT-12-12-B  DLN-12-12-B  DLA-12-B  DTA-12-B   DTN-12-12-B DSU-12-B 
3/4" Tube X 1" NPT  DCT-12-16-B          
1" Tube X 1/2" NPT  DCT-16-8-B          
1" Tube X 3/4" NPT  DCT-16-12-B DLN-16-12-B     
 1" Tube X 1" NPT DCT-16-16-B  DLN-16-16-B  DLA-16-B  DTA-16-B    


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