ISO 6432, Double Acting, single rod


Integrated Automation® offers a complete range of ISO 6432 cylinders produced in our Easley, South Carolina facility.
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 ISO 6432 Catalog download

Common Bores and Strokes produced. Please note, we produce to order, so all strokes are considered standard for us.
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ISO 6432 Double Acting, Non-Magnetic, Non-Cushioned
Bore X Stroke 50mm 80mm 100mm   125mm 160mm  200mm
16mm C16DE050 C16DE080 C16DE100 C16DE125 C16DE160 C16DE200
20mm C20DE050 C20DE080 C20DE100 C20DE125 C20DE160 C20DE200
25mm C25DE050 C25DE080 C25DE100 C25DE125 C25DE160 C25DE200